Dog cushion for handicapped dog Lottie a Parson Russel Terrier

The best dog cushion for a handicapped dog

The joints of a leg amputated animal are exposed to a much higher load by the missing leg and a faster wear of the joints can result. For a dog with a handicap must be the right and optimal lying the most important criterion for the selection of an perfect dog cushion.

In the commercial animal beds, foamed materials are usually processed with low weight, leftovers of thin polyesterflies or styrofoam balls. Normally, these dog cushions are much too thin and too little shape-resistant. The result is, within a short time the dog is lying on the hard, cold ground. Especially for a disabled animal you need a dog cushion which offers the necessary point elasticity for the exact support of the joints.

The cushions of pet-interios are filled with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified quality latex flakes which have a very high density. The higher the density, the more load-bearing, more elastic and more durable is the filling. The very high density of our orthopedic dog cushions also guarantee a long stability, they remain permanently elastic, shape stable and are therefore durable and lasting.

The outstanding point elasticity of our latex filling makes the individual body shape of your dog optimally and offer the perfect relief and relaxation for the spine and joints. In addition, the latex offers a very good suspension and resetting behavior when changing the lying position and the natural buoyancy of the latex filling greatly supports the standing up of a three-legged dog. The absolutely noiseless filling allows your pet a quiet restful sleep and ensures the optimal relaxation and the necessary regeneration, which especially a dog with a handicap needs.

Dog cushion for three-legged dog Lottie

A bit over a year ago I ordered a LOUNGE dog cushion for our handicapped dog Lottie a Parson Russel Terrier. She still loves it and sleeps very well on it. The support it gives her is excellent. But now we want her to be equally comfortable in our kitchen, so we decided to try the DIVAN dog bed, because it is a little softer, and Lottie sometimes has problems jumping on to the other one.

So, from me and from our „dreibeiniges Lottchen“ whose  photograph I attach, all best wishes for the new year!

Dog cushion, handicapped dog, Parson Russel Terrier, disabled dog

Dog cushion for handicapped dog Lottie a Parson Russel Terrier

The Divan Uno dog bed with head pillow in graphit (80 cm x 65 cm) arrived at lunchtime today, and here already is Lottie, our disabled Parson Russel Terrier, who lost a leg a few years ago before we adopted her, and who sometimes has difficulties getting up and off cushions that are too springy. It is very important however that she has good but soft support for her body. And you can see here that she has it!  Within half an hour she had settled comfortably, and she particularly likes to bury her little snout under the pillow, which makes it hard to photograph her!! I apologise for the not so pretty rolled up mats which we use to buffer a gap between the floor and the window: this avoids her falling off the edge!

Thank you for yet another excellent cushion. Our cat Hibou is getting very jealous: she will be next in line!